1. What is Refundable Booking, and how does it work?

  • A Refundable Booking is an option presented at the time of purchase to upgrade the Terms & Conditions of your purchase for an extra small fee. Refundable Booking provides enhanced cancellation rights if you can no longer attend an event for one of the listed reasons. Customers presented with the option to add Refundable Booking to their purchase at the checkout. 

2. Why should I consider purchasing the Refundable Booking option for my event tickets?

  • A Refundable Booking allows you to be confident, and safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to get a 100% refund if you are unable to attend due to emergency circumstances.

3. How can I contact Refundable Booking for inquiries or assistance?

  • Our Refunds team can be directly contacted using the refunds link provided on your purchase confirmation email. Alternatively, if previously corresponded, one can also respond to the thread of emails received for an update on a refund application. Either way, the refund team will always respond and address each customer concerns.

4. Can I purchase Refundable Booking after I've already bought my tickets?

  • No, unlike traditional insurance, Refundable Booking can only be offered at the time of purchase as an ancillary product.

5. Can I request a refund if I change my mind about attending the event?

  • No, you may only request a refund on your Refundable Bookings if your circumstances meet the list of approved reasons. Change of mind is not an approved reason.

6. Is Refundable Booking transferable to another person if I can't attend the event?

  • No, in case of a transfer of the attendee, the Refundable Terms will be considered as Null & Void.

7. What circumstances are covered by Refundable Booking for ticket refunds?

  • We have a wide array of terms which cover any genuine unforeseen circumstances under which a customer may apply for refund. Evidence will always be required to lodge a claim. For a detailed understanding please see our Terms & Conditions page here.

8. How do I initiate a refund request under the Refundable Booking service?

  • Please follow instructions provided in your purchase confirmation email. This will instruct you to use the Refundable link given and prompt you to begin the application for a refund.

9. Are there any restrictions on the events or venues for which I can request a refund?

  • For any and every valid reason mentioned in our terms we provide refunds. As long as the reasons are valid and can be evidenced the refunds will be approved and credited back to customers.

10. What is the process for starting a Refund Application and receiving a refund through Refundable Booking?

  • Customers will need to fill in a very simple 3-step form to request for a refund using the refundable link from the purchase confirmation email.

11. Where do I find my reference number to submit a claim?

  • If you follow the promots, you do not need to use the reference number to lodge a claim for a refund as it will automatically pre-populate in the form. However, if you still want to find your reference number, please refer to your purchase confirmation email.

12. Do the contact details on my Refund Application need to match the details used at the time of booking?

  • Yes, as it will help the refunds team to match the details to verify the merit of the application to avoid fraudulent applications.

13. Is there a deadline for submitting a refund request for an event?

  • Yes, the deadline is 60 days after an event.

14. What documentation or proof is required to support a refund application?

  • You can find all the necessary documentation in our Terms & Conditions page here.

15. Can I submit extra documents after I have already submitted a Refund Application?

  • Yes, if you need to submit extra documents, you can always reopen the refundable form using the link and upload any extra evidence you have to support your claim. Alternatively, if our refunds team requests extra documents, you can reply to the email thread and attach documents.

16. How long does it take to process a Refund Application with Refundable Booking?

  • If all the documents are provided and the form is filled correctly, the refunds will be approved and disbursed within 4-12 hrs time depending on the bank’s policy.

17. What is the timeline for receiving a refund after a successful Refund Application?

  • The refunds will be approved and disbursed immediately however depending on the bank’s policy on an average it takes 4-12 hrs.

18. How will I receive the refunded amount (e.g, credit card, bank transfer, cheque)?

  • All approved refunds are issued via Bank Transfer.

19. Can I reapply for a refund if I have been declined or if I made an error in my initial application?

  • Absolutely, however it is necessary to respond back to the ‘declined’ email thread and request to reopen the form so our refunds team can take necessary steps to reopen your claim.

20. Will Refundable Booking refund me in the event of a rescheduled, postponed or cancelled event?

  • Any event cancellations, reschedules and postponments will be handled by The Ticket Merchant directly as per the Ticket Merchant's Terms and Conditions which are differnt to those of Refunable Booking. All relevant information about the rescheduled, postponed or cancelled event will be communicated directly to the ticket purchaser. You do not need to request a refund through Refundable Booking if your event is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed. 

21. Is there a cancellation policy for Refundable Booking and can I get a refund for the protection itself?

  • In the situation of a cancelled event, as per the Ticket Merchant's Terms & Conditions, the tickets and administration fees will be refunded, however, the Refundable Booking amount itself is non-refundable.

22. How is my personal information protected when using Refundable Booking?

  • Apart from the customer name, Refundable Booking doesn't collect any personal or confidential information from a customer during the booking process. Data provided in the refund application is supported by symmetric encryption to encrypt the data with the help of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). We are compliant with the Data Protection regulations in all relevant countries where we operate.