What ANZAC Day Brings Every Year

What ANZAC Day Brings Every Year – Making The Most Of A Historic Day

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and every year on 25th April, both the countries Australia and New Zealand commemorate the sacrifices done by the Australians and New Zealanders alike.This day is observed to pay honors to all the Army Corps who died in the wars, conflicts and other peacekeeping campaigns, on 25th April each year the contributions of all those who have served the Army. In the First World War which started in 1914 and came to its end in 1918 the army of both the countries were given their first mission and that was the task of Gallipoli Campaign.

25th of April is one of the most important days in the history of the country which is celebrated on national level. There are some traditions and rituals attached to this day. It is a local holiday in Victoria and some western parts of Australia. Some of the areas of the country can do restricted trade. Other activities that the people who want to celebrate this day include:-

Attend The Dawn Service

To remember the sacrifices of the army officials who participated in the Gallipoli Campaign in the World War 1 different churches organize dawn services and thousands of people show up to celebrate the day by remembering the ones who lost their lives just for the peace of the world. According to the records the first dawn service was officially held at Sydney’s Cenotaph in 1928. The dawn service is usually held at 4:30 am.The special dawn serviced is called so early in the morning in remembrance of the actual time at which the Australian and New Zealand forced entered Gallipoli. The general public starts planning to buy ANZAC Day Tickets months before the date of Anzac day. The ANZAC dawn service in many areas is followed by a ‘gunfire breakfast’ in remembrance of the ‘gun fire’ that the military men used to get before they started their day.

Anzac Day March

In all towns and cities of Australia special parades of Veterans are organized in which not only the retired veterans but the serving army officers, the cadets of Australian defense force and Australian Air League also participate in the march, even the guides and scouts of Australia can be seen marching in the parade. In the beginning only the army officers from Australia and New Zealand were allowed to participate in the march but later the children, grand-children and great grandchildren were allowed to participate in the parade to represent their relatives. Most of the marches are organized by RSL.

Play two-Up

After the parade the people who are invited gather at the lunches that the local establishments put on. Thousands of people get engaged in playing their favorite game of gambling known as two-up which is legally played at a number of venues.In the game of two-up bets are made on how two pennies that are thrown into the air fall on the ground. In this game the ‘ringer’ (person in charge) explains the rule of the games to the people who want to play. Every person who is of legal age for gambling in allowed to play it.

Watch Gallipoli

To commemorate the sacrifices of the armies of Australia and New Zealand the people watch the movie Gallipoli which was made under the banner of Prime Video about four Australian gentlemen who join military and are sent to a place known as Gallipoli. There are many movie theatres where you need to buy the special ANZAC day tickets and watch Gallipoli. The movie was made in 1981 and Mel Gibson was in the lead role.

Watch Footy

There are millions of people who use the word footy for the famous game of football. Special matches are held to commemorate the untiring efforts of the armies of New Zealand and Australia and the loss of lives of the loved ones of thousands of citizens of both the countries. Purchase Anzac Day tickets from The Ticket Merchant - Australia's Favourite & Safest Ticket Marketplace.